My Favorite Movies

A Man for All Seasons (Better to be right with God than approved by the King.)

All Quiet on the Western Front (This movie will make you re-think the reason and purpose for war.)

All the President’s Men (Surely your sin will find you out.)

Amazing Grace (A good movie about a great subject.)

Band of Brothers (Nothing reveals a man’s soul as deeply as the possibility of imminent death.)

Becket  (One of the most powerful confrontation scenes in film, Archbishop Becket standing on the authority of the Church against the power of an out-of-control King.)

Ben-Hur (Bitterness makes you like the person with whom you are offended.)

Caine Mutiny (This movie raises the issue of good and bad authority like no other. How do I act as a Christian when the authority above me is not qualified? Did the ship’s crew fail because of the captain or did the captain fail because of the unsupportive crew? )

Chariots of Fire (Two men, two religions, two different motivations for running. What motivates you?)

Children of Men (Watch the edited for television version. A profoundly powerful, pro-life film set in a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world.)

The Count of Monte Cristo  (Jealousy, hurt, bitterness, revenge, forgiveness, and unselfish love–all powerfully portrayed by one of my favorite actors, Jim Caviezel.)

The Godfather: Parts One and Two (You reap what you sow & everything is personal, even business.)

Henry V (Shakespeare’s attempt to depict the perfect Christian King.)

Jesus of Nazareth (Italian director, Franco Zeffireilli’s take on the Life of Christ. My favorite two scenes are the telling of the Parable of the Two Lost Sons and Jesus confrontation with the Pharisees in the Temple.)

Lord of the Rings (God confounds the strong and mighty through the meek and the weak.)

Master and Commander (Male leadership truly leading as males should.)

Michael Clayton (Watch the edited for television version. When your back is against the wall financially, will you continue to make righteous choices? Most surprising end to a movie that I have ever watched.)

The Natural (Why is it that baseball movies are so much better than football movies? Roy Hobbs only succeeds when he is committed to quality, moral relationships.)

O’ Brother, Where Art Thou (Homer’s Odyssey and Depression-era Southern Bible Belt culture blend to make an excellent story about the complexities of the human heart. “A fool seeks logic in the chambers of the heart.”)

Of Gods and Men (Amazingly powerful acting through simple facial expressions. Will they stay true to God’s call when death is imminent?).

On the Waterfront (Marlon Brando is absolutely superb. Best presentation of clergy in any film.)

Signs (God is still sovereign in a world full of accidents.)

That Thing You Do (A delightful movie about a more innocent time.)

Three Days of the Condor (C.I.A. intrigue at its best. In a conspiratorial world, where do we find safety?)

Treasure of the Sierra Madre (An accurate and faithful depiction of how greed can and will destroy a soul. “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”)

The Sting (Those who willingly sin are easily deceived.)

Tender Mercies (God’s Spirit is moving when the wind blows.)

To Kill a Mockingbird (God, please make me a man like Atticus.)