My Days in the Agape Force

Agape Force, 1979-1982

Just in case you were wondering that my days in the Agape Force were just a figment of my imagination, here are some pictures to prove that I actually served from 1979 to 1982. Thanks to Shawn Wallace and the technology of Facebook for the last two pictures.


Crystal Springs Institute Class of 1979


Lunch Time in Tacoma, Washington

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13 Comments on “My Days in the Agape Force”

  1. Joshua Says:

    In the top photo; is that you 4th from the right in the front row (squatting/prone)?

  2. GlennDavis Says:

    Yes, it is. It’s hard to believe that thirty years have gone by.

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  4. Carolyn Longgrear Says:

    Hi, I was in the Agape Force in 1980. I was one of the first three missionaries that they sent out from the church. I lived with 17 girls in a big house on L St, and we did the free soup suppers. I remember the people in the picture with lunch time in Tacoma next to it. I went down to Texas to the Agape Force Ranch back then when Barry McGuire was in the Agape Force. I would like to hear from anyone in the group back then. I was wanting to know what happened to the Agape Force. I am on facebook too. Blessings, Carolyn Longgrear

  5. GlennDavis Says:

    Dear Carolyn:

    I arrived in Tacoma during the snowstorm in January, 1980 after CSI. I had to walk up the hill to the guys house in the snow because the bus from the airport could not make it up the hill. Later, I served in Turlock, CA., Tacoma and Olympia, WA., El Paso, TX., and Columbus, OH. I have been able to reconnect with many of my AF buddies on Facebook. There is an Agape Force Facebook group which will help you “re-make friends” with all your old friends. If you cannot locate the group, just look up my name and ask to connect.


  6. Carolyn Longgrear Says:

    Hi Glen, I will get on Facebook, and see if I can get into the Agape Force group. I am so happy to hear from you. I have tears in my eyes, as I think of the days I was in the Agape Force, and everyone. It would be great to be in touch with them again. Thank you for the info. I arrived in Tacoma during the snow storm Jan 1980. It was just a short time later I met people from the Agape Force. I believe I am in the lunch time picture above in the very back. The salad dressing bottle is blocking part of me in the picture. Carolyn

  7. Carolyn Longgrear Says:

    Hello Glen, I wasn’t able to find the right Agape Force group on Facebook. I tried to find you on there, and all I found was athletes. Could you request me as a friend on there? I really want to find all those that I was in the Agape Force with. I am sure you won’t have any trouble finding me on there. Carolyn

  8. Jerome Brown Says:

    I was one of the youth that the AF lead to Christ and some of my friends as well. I went to the church in Tacoma on K st. when Greg L. & Anette were the pastor and wife there. I grew up on the hill top area and if it wasn’t for the force, I don’t know if I would have been saved / began the journey. I still have friends (we all went there at some point or time) and many still follow the Lord. I was in High School when I received one of the tickets for a concert and that is how it all began. I remember some of the guys in the house and recognize a couple of the faces above.

  9. GlennDavis Says:

    Jerome, it is good to hear from you. I enjoyed my time in Tacoma/Olympia (1980-81). The door-to-door witnessing, the street outreaches, and the camaraderie among friends, new and old, are memories that I value today. I am so grateful that the Lord used the ministry of AF in you and your friends’ lives. Sometimes you wonder how many lives were affected by our ministry and to know that you came to know Christ through our outreach is incredibly encouraging.

  10. Craig Estes Says:

    Woody Shoemaker was my leader in 1974 is he still around??

  11. GlennDavis Says:

    I knew about Woody, but I don’t recall working with him. Check out the Agape Force alumni page on Facebook, many of the old gang post people updates there.


  12. Charla Says:

    Hi my name is Charla and I was at the Agape Force missionary training school in Lindale, TX when Ed Brewer was the head of the school. Early 80’s. Does anyone know where he is or how to get ahold of him?

  13. GlennDavis Says:


    Might try asking about Ed Brewer on the Agape Force Alumni page on Facebook. Several people have mentioned Ed in their comments and posts, but I don’t see any status updates.